TOK's Tazmainian Terror X CRK's Shayne O'Mac

ABBA Adult Grand Ch., Jr. Ch., Puppy Ch.,  TOK's Tazmanian Terror, BST, BST1, CDE, FO, CGC, OFA Cert. - Taz is a dream! The best of all worlds; super social with Dogs, kids and new people/places. Taz lives in North Alabama and is not scared to go to work when it is time.  Trained by a leading protection trainer in the area Taz is an unstoppable force (until he's called off) then it's back to lovely snuggle buddy.  

ABBA Adult Ch.,  Puppy Ch.  CRK's Shayne O'Mac, BST, BST1, CDE -  Shay has been a career girl so far and this will be her first litter.  Amazing temperament, flexible to any situation, and a lineage to die for!

Please visit the ABBA website for Breed description and the History of the ABB 

Mercerbred Kennels Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

What Clients Say About Us

“~Hey! I just wanted to let you know how in love with this pup we are. I'm pretty sure you can tell by the pictures that she has settled in pretty well. Just over the last few weeks, she and Luke have really seemed to find their comfort zone with each other.


Erika,  Alabama

Puppy Owner (Katie X Sam)

This is a new area for us so if you have a MBK puppy and would like to give you input on the dog please email us


Sara Mercer,

Mercerbred Kennels

Litter On its Way!

Mercerbred Kennels

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Mercer's K9 Operations is in its 2nd year as a business and running strong!   Our new Stud and Demo Dog purchased from KGB Alapahas in Atlanta, Ga is doing great and will be showing off in Multiple Venues this year!  If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and are interested in the breed give us a call and come by and see the guys!  They always love a good rub down and extra treats.

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