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SBB's Bubba X CRK's Shayne O'Mac

You might ask why this pairing well the bullet list below is just some of Dad to be's titles. Along with his good conformation and stable temperament he will be upping the health and endurance our line.

  • CAL 1 and 2
  • French Ring CASU
  • ABBA BST and BST 1
  • Points towards his French Ring Bervet

This is a new area for us so if you have a MBK puppy and would like to give you input on the dog please email us


Sara Mercer,

Mercerbred Kennels

“~Hey! I just wanted to let you know how in love with this pup we are. I'm pretty sure you can tell by the pictures that she has settled in pretty well. Just over the last few weeks, she and Luke have really seemed to find their comfort zone with each other.


Erika,  Alabama

Puppy Owner (Katie X Sam)

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7 May 2015

River Run in the Sun

Western Region Dog Show  Riverside,CA


Happy Hound Classes

Jax, FL

Local Group Training

30 May 2015

Go Big or Go Home 6th National CH. Dog show  Grapevine, TX

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Mercerbred Kennels

Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals

Mercerbred Kennels Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

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